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Owner | Coach

Hey, I'm Matt one of the owners here at SHG. I threw myself right into the fitness field at the young age of 16! I got qualified as coach & started creating and developing my craft. Fast forward nearly 8 years of working in the fitness industry, I’ve coached thousands of sessions, helped fix many many fitness related frustrations and can proudly say that helping people progress in their fitness journey is my passion. 

I do it for your progression, performance and a purer quality of life. I’m going to give you action steps & instant accountability and the process is going to be as simple as it should be.

Together, let's make life lasting change.


Owner | Coach

Hi I’m Timmy, I banged out my first gym session within these walls on the Seated Row, 8 years ago. 20 odd sets deep, I was asked how many I had left. Clueless, Nervous, anxious & flooded with a whole heap of emotions. I bounced up muttered, grabbed my bag and headed home. 

I could barely straighten my arms for about a week after that, although I kept showing up. My curiosity for a stronger, healthier and more confident version of myself created my passion for fitness & self improvement.

We’re all beginners at the start.

We’re all going to feel things when immersing ourselves into unfamiliar environments. 

We’re all going to do something “wrong” 

I’ve been there done that, countless times.I want you to learn from my mistakes, cut through all the b#llsh!t this industry has to offer and fast track your fitness journey.

Saving you time, money, stress, energy & life.

Using a simple & sustainable approach to create clarity and achieve a better version of yourself. You define it, you do the work, you feel the fulfilment.



Hey, I'm Sapphire.

I’ve made a list of 3 things that you should know about me,

1. I’ve spent the last 6 years helping people from all walks of life to achieve things far beyond what they ever thought possible.

We sit down, figure out your strengths, your weaknesses, your needs & we make a plan together to ensure you succeed & enjoy the process.

2. I love seeing people evolve. Witnessing someone’s change in their whole mindset and finding their confidence again is the best thing about this job. Nothing beats it. 

3. My resting gym face is not a true reflection of my personality. I promise.

If you’re ready to get started with a coach who genuinely wants the absolute best for you, then let’s sit down for a chat.

I’ll make sure the coffee is hot & the craics good!


Reception | Gym Floor

Hey there! 

My name is Ross and my role in Schoolhouse Gym is to greet people as they come in, make sure they always feel at home, support them on the gym floor and to make sure everything is always super clean and tidy.


I love training as it helps me get bigger, stronger and healthier, whilst also improving the status of my mental health. It is such a privilege and is so exciting watching these members achieve the goals that they have set in place for themselves!

If I can ever be of any help to anyone, you’ll find me at reception!



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